Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to send in cash to donate?
  • If cash is the only way for you to help donate then yes you can. :) Tweet us at @BiebsMeetTeam and we can further help you from there.
How many times can we submit our story?
  • We’d prefer if you only sent in your story once, because there’s so many submissions and it’s really hard to look at them all, especially when people are sending in their stories x10000000 times, lol.
How do I know if you recieved my submission?
  • It will give you a message that says “Your submission has been recieved and is waiting moderator approval.”
What if I don’t have a sob story? Will you still help me?
  • You do not need a sob story for us to help you. We want to help as many people as possible.  BeliebersWISH is FOR ALL Beliebers everywhere, it does not matter if you have a sickness or sob story, this foundation is for normal fans who have stuck with Justin for ages and have the chance to meet him or see him.
How can we donate?
  • Click the “donate” link in the far right of our blog :)
When are the stories due?
  • The only time limit is by the end of the tour.
Are you helping people all over the world or just the USA?
  • All over the world :)
I forgot to add my _______ (Twitter, name, concert) is that okay?
  • If you forgot something in your submission you can add it in another one but please try to remember everything with the first submission!

If you do not see your question above, feel free to ask us! :) Submit stories under the “Submit” tab.