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Anonymous said:
Can I upload a video instead of or should i just type my story ?

Yes you can upload a video of you telling your story instead!

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Who we’re trending for the next few days! REBLOG!

  • Tuesday, November 13th- No.
  • Wednesday, November 14th- (5-8pm EST) #BiebsMeetSteven for
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This is Kiki, she has had cancer for over 3 years and is only 11 years old. Last week she had the chance to meet Justin before seeing him in concert for the first time. Two days after the concert, she was placed in a hospice home (Where cancer patients go to pass away). This morning she was taken by God, and we now have another angel watching over us.

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Anonymous said:
what if the concert is in 2 weeks???? can we still submit?

Yes, but asap!

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#BTPcontestWinner Francesca & Malajah!

Another congrats to our #BTPCONTEST winners, Francesa Ferrari @chesca_ferrari and Malajah @ohmykingrauhl! They won 2 tickets to see Justin in Atlanta, Georgia on January 23,2013! We believed these girls truly deserved it! And their reactions were PRICELESS. Our 7th ticket giveaway winner!

Here’s the contest video: :)

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Another happy Belieber!

The #BelieveTicketProject will like to congratulate @iBieberAmazed who was surprised with her very own Believe ticket to the Miami, Florida show on January 27th! Very happy for you Leysi, you deserved it!

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BELIEVE TICKET PROJECT CONTEST! - The main purpose of this contest is to spread the word about the #BelieveTicketProject and raise money so we can buy more tickets to help all of you see Justin on the tour with ticket giveaways and contests! So for the contest we want you to get creative! Do anything you want to spread the word about the#BelieveTicketProject or raise money. Here are a few basic ideas, but if you have something else you’d like to do for it, go for it!

  • Organise A Fundraiser - To help raise money for the project get all your family and friends involved. You can do a yard sale, a car wash, a sponsored walk, bakesales… Anything you can think of that may help!
  • Get Crazy - Get together with your friends and go up to RANDOM people and tell them about our project! Have fun in your town! Tell them about what we do and dont forget to mention Justin’s new album! Put up FLYERS/POSTERS everywhere mentioning our project! Classrooms, lockers, bathrooms, ect. ANYWHERE! :)
  • Get Creative - Write a song, rap or poem explaining what the Believe Ticket Project is about and how much it means to you to win tickets these tickets (or asking them to donate).You can even do a DANCE, but must mention the Believe Ticket Project, telling them to donate and how much getting the ticket means to you somewhere in your video! Draw a picture, make a video, make signs or banners… (Note: Film Everything!)

*ENTRY RULES* 1. Your entry MUST be documented and uploaded to Youtube with the caption #BTPCONTEST. 2. Your video description must consist of your name, age, city & date of the concert you wish to attend, and Twitter or email address. It is extremely important that you include all this information or your entry will not count. 3. Must be submitted by September 26th.

Good luck everyone! Follow @BelieveTickproj on twitter if you have any questions about 

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Anonymous said:
are the tickets just for the tour in america?

It’s for both leg of the tour, American, and overseas.

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Are You Only Giving Stuff Away For People Who Live Near Miami ? And Is It Only 1 Ticket ?

No, it’s for the whole tour is not only for one ticket.

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